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What Type of Entrepreneurial Leader are You?

The Enablement team are getting to know you all pretty well. I have heard all about your Ideations and Temperature Checks. It is crucial as you grow to think about the type of leader you are in your business.

Getting the best from all situations is a key trait of an entrepreneurial leader. To do this you have to be believable and to always be growing your emotional intelligence. How you read situations and people is what makes a great entrepreneurial leader. Remember that sixth sense…

You have to accept difficult questions. Be candid. Listen as much as you can, learn and adapt accordingly… A leader is not there to be liked. You as a leader are there to lead your team and business – that takes emotional intelligence as well as commercial acumen. 46% of start-up’s fail due to poor leadership…

Think this through and consider how others perceive YOU. It makes all the difference.

As JFK stated… “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”