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The Extra Mile

At 7 pm last night, I walked around the Entrepreneurial Spark Glasgow Hatchery… Our Hatcheries are positive places where early stage entrepreneurs get the chance to explore and develop their businesses. No equity is taken and everything is completely free. But, the price of play is full engagement and ATTITUDE.

I spoke to some of the entrepreneurs who were still working away… As I approached each one, I got a smile or a ‘Hi there!’. I chatted and read their mood – they were totally engaged. But, one thing struck me and it is exactly as I would expect from anyone who is growing or scaling a new venture – they were in it for the long run – and were willing to go the extra mile.

But what is that extra mile that Steve Jobs has quoted, that difference between success and just doing ok? I guess many things in life come down to a bit of luck and good timing, but it’s so much more that that. It’s ATTITUDE…

At 7pm, these folks (who just happened to be there working as so many work from home or elsewhere) talked to me about the need to make things happen, how it was up to them to get stuff done, how no-one was going to hand it to them on a plate. Yes, they had problems. An investment syndicate was being difficult over a lead investor, a buyer was cutting margin, a lawyer was holding up a deal and so it goes on. But, they were overcoming these obstacles. Essentially, that’s what good entrepreneurs do.

These people were going the extra mile… and although stressed and concerned about ‘stuff’, they were all in.

I know exactly what was driving them. My question is:

To anyone sitting in an incubator, accelerator, co-working space, in the lounge, garage, basement or office, What is driving you? And will you go the extra mile?

I’ve seen so many great – no, in fact brilliant – ideas go nowhere, cause the ‘entrepreneurs’ were not up for the cup, too comfortable, lazy, half in and did not have the right ATTITUDE. So, if you wanna make it, look around you and see who is driving forward surrounded by uncertainty and risk; whose attitude is full of entrepreneurial #GoDo.

And in 10 years time, if and when you make it… look me up and tell me whether I was right or wrong. :)