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Stop moaning and get on with it!

Stop moaning and get on with it! I read something recently on an American self-help entrepreneur-type website about behaviours that entrepreneurs just should not get involved in. The key behaviour to be avoided was……moaning.


Here is the Oxford Dictionary definition: to complain or grumble, typically about something trivial.

Have you heard people doing this recently? And more importantly…….have you?

This week, I heard an entrepreneur moan about something that was trivial, but more importantly, he was moaning about something he was getting for FREE!! Cheeky monkey!

So, don’t hire moaners and don’t be a moaner – it switches people off and prevents you from making progress. Be warned… the American entrepreneur websites are pretty spot on.


“Entrepreneur’ is just French for ‘has ideas, does them’.” Alexis Ohanian, Reddit CEO

The second biggest behaviour that must be avoided is…..procrastination.

Thinking too much, over analysing, putting off decisions, burying your head in the sand. If you suffer from this then Entrepreneuring® is just not the game for you, or you have to change. Doing things, acting, trying stuff is so important.

Sometimes we believe that if we do X, then Y will result. And Y is bad, right? But how do we know that Z may not be the result? And Z may be pretty cool.

Do you want your gravestone inscribed with: “Here lies Jim. The nearly man….”? Not me! Too much stuff to get done before then…

Build into your mindset the feature and default setting of getting stuff done – even the really hard stuff.

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