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Mindset: I Am Opportunity Hungry

Entrepreneurs should be constantly on the edge of their seats, looking for the next opportunity to grab. But, opportunities rarely present themselves! In the words of Guy Kawasaki,

“You can’t sit by the side of a river and expect a roast duck to fly into your mouth.”

So, six ways of getting that roast duck; grabbing those opportunities:

 1. Initiate communication with thought leaders

Read something on social media or in print that steals the imagination of you or your business? Get the e-mail address of the writer. Introduce yourself and your business – establish communication. This could initiate an invaluable dialogue that releases floods of new opportunities – or at least facilitate idea sharing with someone whose opinion you value!

Remember: offer something in return. Offer yourself for further questions on your industry – they’ll use you if you can prove yourself.


2. Seize mentor opportunities

Take communication to the next level – reach out to establish mentor relationships with professionals who have real-life experience in your field. The advice and networks they have at their disposal could hold host to an astounding array of opportunities.


3. Know your tech

Technology is constantly evolving – take notes and keep up! Could new technologies benefit your customers? Stay a step ahead of your competitors – changes are the source of new opportunities – don’t let them escape you!!


4. Re-imagine solutions

Whether you’re out for drinks, ordering take-away or approaching a new problem to solve – how would you re-invent the situation if a solution had not yet been round? Businesses constantly get stuck in a rut, doing things as they’ve been done for years – never stop re-imagining and re-inventing.


5. Seize every second

Minutes others squander watching Budgies ski on YouTube, sitting in a reception room, or an airport – you could be maximizing these to get an edge on your competition. Novels have been written on the commute to work while others stare into space! Everything is portable nowadays – TEDTalks, Seminars, E-Books; there is no excuse not to be using every second to get you ahead of your competition.


6. Be nice