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Meaningful Conversations are a Must for Success

Think about the last conversation or meeting you had. Did you leave an impression on anyone? Did you have any meaningful conversations? As human beings we all communicate differently. But meaningful conversations are key.

Here is how I would approach communication with them and, indeed, anyone in business…

  1. Check you have their attention

So many times when I enabled entrepreneurs or when I attend an event, someone will come up and just start talking at me. No context, no preamble, no setting the scene; they just talk without checking I am switched on and have geared my brain to them and what they are saying. We’ve all done it or had it done to us. When this happens, the communication is stilted and in effect the listener isn’t listening and sometimes can get irritated. Imagine 20 random people talking at you one after the other.


So, for communication to be meaningful, you have to make sure that you have got the attention at the right time and in the right way for the person you wish to speak with. It’s a great lesson to learn. It means you are really thinking about the communication process and not just spouting a load of “blah blah blah” at a human being who is thinking “eh!?”

  1. Give me it in a sentence

When a passionate or keen entrepreneur comes up to me and within three minutes of listening I still don’t know what the heck they do, or why or where or anything, then they have lost my attention and, sometimes, my will to live 🙂 Brevity is an art from. That is why universally and globally we pitch a one minute pitch. It condenses and distils what we are saying and it makes us think about what we want to get across. So, if you can say it in one sentence instead of eight – it’s a great way to communicate.

  1. Follow up

I meet so many entrepreneurs who make a good impression and I think, “jeez, that was interesting and I think she will do something special”. Then there is tumble weed… nothing. If you say you are going to do something then do it and communicate it. Otherwise the whole conversation and communication is meaningless. My team across the UK is outcome driven and trained to communicate on something that they are actioned to do or tell me they are going to do. It’s the sign of someone special when they follow up and demonstrate to you they can execute and take action on a conversation you have both had. It closes off and provides a result.

I hope this helps you as business people, entrepreneurs and startups and scaleups. It’s the same the world over…

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