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As Entrepreneurial Spark scales across the UK, the enablement process we use encourages action oriented behaviour…

I’m very lucky in being made a Professor of Entrepreneurship in the UK and it allows me to talk and teach. But, for me and all the early stage entrepreneurs in our Hatchery spaces, it is Entrepreneuring® that counts. Entrepreneurship may be the realm of professors, but the act of actually going out there and building a new venture is most definitely the realm of those who engage in Entrepreneuring®.

To start, grow or scale a new venture takes guts, passion and nous. Start, grow and scale are verbs in this case. That means human beings doing stuff! And inevitably when that happens, mistakes are made. Yep, we get things wrong, make incorrect assumptions, make bad hiring choices, forget to mitigate risk and so it goes on…. This is Entrepreneuring – the proactive action of those out there on the battlefield trying to make things work, way outside their comfort zones and all at sea. There is no safety net and essentially it is all about learning on the fly. But the more we learn, the better we get.


Entrepreneuring starts each day with re-imagining the proposition, thinking about the customer, developing the team, working with investors, looking after the cash-flow, checking all the touch points and visioning ahead.

The #GoDo is driving everything forward, holding it all together, spinning all the plates and squeezing out value.

Then there is the re-shape: assessing how every piece of the engine is working, where should we turn up the dial to full and where do we pull back. Who on the team is ‘in the canoe’ and who is paddling alone? Are customers paying or do we need to adjust the price point? Is the business model working? What have I and my team learned?

It is this practice that makes perfect (well hopefully almost:))

But the learning does not stop here. There is no piece of paper stating you are now a professor. No graduation ceremony…. It’s back on the hamster wheel for the next day and the day after that. It is gruelling and the entrepreneur has to grind it out. But, over time – a long period – it all starts to come together – it gels.

In all our hatcheries across the UK, I see this day in day out. Practice is having results in ordinary human beings doing amazing stuff with sacrifice and passion and a mindset where constant learning is the rule of the day.

Entrepreneurship is all fine and well, but Entrepreneuring will drive forward our economy and must be encouraged and celebrated and indeed respected for all the graft that goes in with no guarantee or pension or certificate at the end.

Already open in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire and Birmingham, Entrepreneurial Spark will soon be opening in Bristol, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, London, Manchester and Belfast.

Time to #GoDo