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Do you know the one key dynamic that permeates success?

Attracting investment is all about you, the entrepreneur

In the last couple of months, Entrepreneurial Spark® Chiclets from all over the UK have brought in significant investment to their ventures. This comes in many shapes and forms, for example: bank finance, angel investments, crowdfunding, etc.

One key dynamic permeates all this success – the entrepreneur.

All investors are looking at each entrepreneurial leader and their team or potential team with a view to working with them long term. The journey they will go on starts with trust, a great validated plan, total focus and an ‘all in’ commitment. YOU have to be the ‘real deal’ before you get cash. And, I am delighted to say, next month we open our doors to hundreds more investable entrepreneurs.

Ask yourself one question “Would I invest in my business?” and work on everything you need to until the answer is “YES”!


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