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Compete Global – Think Local

Having just spent a couple of days in London with our partners KPMG, I was again struck by the ambition and huge competition out there. Start-ups, early-stage and scaling business are all over the UK and beyond.

But that should not worry you one little bit – here’s why:

1. The world has plenty of ideas. What it doesn’t have are entrepreneurs who can execute and actually get things over the line. The ability and capacity to convince and assure others you can do what you say you will is a real skill.

2. The world has lots of new start-ups, but they can be caught up in the “get rich quick” mentality. Only last week, a well-known Silicon Valley serial investor stated that Valley Entrepreneurs were deluding themselves if they thought they could really build anything of great value in less than 7-10 years. This attitude of perseverance and relentless effort should be permeating your thought and action now…

3. The world has lots of “let’s go global” start-ups, but they forget the basics of building a locally validated proposition that has some kind of consistent business model first.

So… get the basics right – the mindset right, the attitude right and the assumptions right – and you’ll have a better enabled start-up that might make it. And you will have a head start on the “globe chasers” – investors will want to invest, while customers will “get it” and purchase.