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Action is Key!

This week I spent time with Sir Tom Hunter, a global philanthropist and entrepreneur. Having sold his business for £280m, he champions many causes and is our Ayrshire Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

He reminded me that ACTION is key. Many of you are far too comfortable sitting in comfy seats… business is not a hobby. If it is a hobby for you that’s OK and good luck to you, but please hand in your pass. Entrepreneurial Spark is not for everyone.

It takes hard work and total focus, success doesn’t happen without it. Your Enablers are here to support you and challenge you – make the most of your time here, it flies by!

You have to execute all the time, take action, develop, iterate, seek feedback, collaborate, engage and sell… The harder you work in your Hatchery, the more successful you can become.

Entrepreneuring takes effort. Lots of it and you have to have it in you!


As I climbed the stairs to Tom’s office, I stopped to study the pictures and quotes that adorn the walls. And I just loved this…

“The older I get the less I listen to what people say and the more I look at what they do.”