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Who is Jim Duffy?

I am Head of #GoDo at Entrepreneurial Spark®

Jim Duffy
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What is Entrepreneurial Spark®?

Entrepreneurial Spark® is now the world’s largest equity free, non-sectorial business accelerator, based in the UK and India. We will soon have over 13 Hatchery spaces in the UK working with NatWest, KPMG and EMC.

Why am I writing blogs?

Having started my own entrepreneurial journey late in life, I quickly found out through starting, running and selling small businesses that getting the right start is so important. Creating less horrible beginnings leads to less horrible endings.

Tried and tested advice

Having now worked with over 350 startups and growing ventures, clocking over 10,000 hours, I get first hand, real-time experience of what actually goes on in startup, growth and scale in the UK and India. This blog will highlight all that is taking place. It will be practical and experience based with usable stuff that anyone can incorporate into their business.

Spread the word

I will pull no punches and get to the granularity of startup, leadership, emotional intelligence and innovation. Please feel free to share the blog to help those brave warriors out there starting and growing new ventures that are vitally important for economic development.


  • Professor of Entrepreneurship Glasgow Caledonian University
  • EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist 2015
  • Private Business Awards Finalist 2014 & 2015
  • Great British Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneur Of The Year Silver 2014
  • ‘Hit’ BBC Series
  • SBA Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
  • Selected for the Charter class of Saltire Fellowship

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have the right Mindsets and Behaviours read more about them here.

All my very best,

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Entrepreneuring is a journey not a destination

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