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£50,000 Worth of Prizes for Entrepreneurs!

At Entrepreneurial Spark we believe that good behaviours, great people, hard work and breakthroughs should be rewarded. So, at the end of this accelerator, we will do just that. Prizes will be awarded to early stage entrepreneurs who have gone the extra mile in everything they do.

Your Enablers are watching everything that is going on. How you conduct yourself. How you collaborate. How you build and nurture your business and team. How you work with customers. How you prepare for and secure funding. How you shape yourself as the entrepreneurial leader….
Nothing gives the team more pleasure than highlighting progress. As we approach halfway, make sure you keep your eyes on the prize.

I was asked, indeed challenged, this week: “Why do you not just pick the best 10 startups in each city and work with them?” The answer is easy: at Entrepreneurial Spark, we believe that everyone who wants to should get a shot at Entrepreneuring. Of course there are those that will be further ahead, but that does not make them smarter. All that glitters is not gold.

So, you have secured a place in the Hatcheries and the competition for space will only increase over the next two years. Make the most of it and get into that “top 10″.

You only get one life… so make sure it counts. Keep hungry. Keep trying. Keep making progress.