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3 things every successful entrepreneur does

As an entrepreneur, there are many skills to master and mindsets to develop. Whether you’re just in the first start-up stage or scaling your business, there are 3 things that successful entrepreneurs do.

  1. Visualise

    I read recently that top athletes visualise every movement and step they will take prior to the event. A 400 metre runner will visualise the warm up, the starting pistol, the sprint to the inside or the outside, how she will come off the bends and what the finish line looks like. An entrepreneur has to do this also. By visualising what you want to achieve, you can start to conceptualise and then communicate this to others.

    The Law of Attraction has gained a lot of credibility in the last decade. In short, by believing that you are already a winner, the universe then attracts that energy towards you and it all combines for a more positive outcome. I use this myself as I see where I want my start-up, Entrepreneurial Spark, to be in five years. This sits well with visualisation. By putting it out there clearly, an entrepreneur can harness the resources needed to help achieve his or her dream, goal or to overcome a challenge. So, whatever success looks like for you, visualise it and keep it clear in your head. It will adapt and change over time and that’s a good thing. It means you are thinking about it…

    2.  Talk to people

    In a world where we are spending even more time on tech, such as smart phones and tablets, it can be tough to have meaningful conversations with other human beings out with the use of your digits. An entrepreneur will make time every day to speak to people. It works really well. In fact, my policy, whenever I can, is to pick up the phone to chat to someone instead of emailing them. Sometimes, just picking someone’s brain over a coffee gives you so much more insight than spending hours on Google. The entrepreneur knows that the human interaction needed in all businesses is crucial to success. We do not, and cannot, live in isolation.

    3.   Keep looking for top talent

    There is only so much that we can accomplish as individuals. I see so many ventures bubbling along instead of whooshing along because the individual leading it cannot work with others or is afraid to let go. This prevents scale. So, the entrepreneur who wants to grow BIG, is always on the lookout for top talent. This does not need to come at a price, as people will jump on board your bus for many reasons, not always a big salary.

    Attracting and recruiting top talent is key to really ramping up the capabilities of a business. The entrepreneur has to be constantly alert for talent they can or may be able to hire in the future. I see people I really like and make a mental note of what I like about them and why. Then I figure out what it would be like working with them. I tell them that one day I would love them to join Entrepreneurial Spark. I bank these thoughts and when the opportunity and timing is right, I seek them out and make the offer.

    Your radar should be constantly pinging for talent.


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